Science Shepherd Science Curriculum was developed by a homeschool dad, who experienced first-hand the need for quality higher level science curricula for the homeschool community.

We have been homeschooling our six children since 1998. As our oldest child got nearer and nearer to first junior and then senior high school, we began to have conversations with other parents about continuing homeschooling as their children proceeded through the higher grade levels. Unfortunately, some parents made the decision not to continue homeschooling their children through the higher grades, and one of the most common reasons was because of concern about not being able to provide excellent higher level science education. We have developed the Science Shepherd Life Sciences and Biology programs so that parents can feel confident their children’s higher level science needs will be more than adequately met, thus helping to allow the continuance of homeschooling through the higher grade levels. More recently, we saw a need at all levels for courses utilizing more technologically advanced modes of presentation, such as integrating video, pictures and graphics into a streaming teaching format. So, we are starting to branch out and produce more and more science courses for all grade levels with that specific goal in mind.

Scott Hardin, MD
Author - Science Shepherd Biology, Life Science, Introductory Science, Unearthing the Bible

Scott Hardin holds a Bachelor of Science degree, with honors, from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, as well as a Medical Doctor degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin, and has been practicing medicine in Wisconsin since 1997.

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Josh Watson, BA
Author - Science Shepherd Unearthing the Bible

Josh Watson holds a Bachelor of Theology degree from the The Master’s University in Santa Clarita, CA, and is currently an ordained Pastor of Adult Education at White Stone Community Church in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, where he lives with his wife and two children.