Homeschool Archaeology Curriculum

Unique mix of the Bible and archaeology
Ages 12+
On-Demand Video Lessons
Work At Your Own Pace
Downloadable Workbook

Just as every field of science continues to confirm the Scriptures, so does Archaeology. This course will take a look at a number of artifacts, manuscripts, structures and ruins left behind from biblical history and show how what we find in the dirt today is exactly what we’d expect to find if the Bible is truly GOD’s Word.

Through studying artifacts like Shalmaneser Monolith, the Pilate Dedication Stone and Caiaphas Ossuary, “Unearthing the Bible” demonstrates that what we read in the Bible are not just made up stories, but real events as proven by over 30 archaeological finds. Other finds include Sennacherib reliefs, Lachish Ostraca, Dead Sea Scrolls, Silver amulet bracelets, the ancient city of Dan, the City of David Administration Building, and many more.

Video course includes 12-month access to the 8 week course, which can be viewed on your own time schedule.

In addition to our video course, we include a downloadable workbook to reinforce concepts taught in the video lessons.

  • Sample Video (Week 4, Day 5)

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