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I LOVE your introductory science curriculum! It’s so perfect for my son and I love how it reviews everything he needs to know in such quick videos that hold his attention!
Thank you so much!

Courtney N.

We have made it to chapter 19. No turning back. I discarded 3 other biology courses before hearing about this program on the Homeschooling IRL podcast. I love how cutting edge the information is in this book. I am also amazed how the author can reword a challenging concept 3-4 different ways and it finally makes sense. Reading this right along with my daughter. And, as a former Biology teacher…I find myself amazed. Super pleased!

Sarah G., Illinois

My children are sad to be done with your Introductory Science course. So am I! It made science so easy this year! I know I’ve sent you an email in the past, but I’ll say it again, we would LOVE to be able to use more courses for elementary levels. Hopefully you’ll be able to find the time to write chemistry, physics, astronomy, geology, etc. courses! The videos were great too! My children have been retaining almost everything, and I think it’s because of the visuals that they were able to see on the videos. And, your price is simply unbeatable! I’ve been trying to tell everyone I know, who homeschools, to use your Introductory Science course. If you ever need a family to pilot a new course for you, please let us know!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

Mrs. L.

It is absolutely no wonder to me that you received this award. I have found your high school biology amazing. It is detailed and yet easy to understand, using proper vocabulary. It is not preachy and goes to the heart of biology. The layout is clear with wonderful diagrams and smooth transitions. The places that instruction repeats are useful tools to pulling together the material. I have found no other biology course that even comes close. We have enjoyed it so very much at my house. Please, please do a Chemistry and Physics class with labs… in that order.

Sami W. and Children

What a terrific course. My son, the avid history buff, greatly enjoyed this Biology program. I enjoyed this course much more than my Biology classes 40 years ago.

Rosanna K.

We are loving the Introductory Science course. It is just the perfect amount of time and information for my 7 yr old.

Beth M.

Thorough, systematic, understandable, and absolutely usable in the homeschool…I took biology and AP Biology in high school, and I believe Science Shepherd Biology covers more topics in more depth than both of my years of high school biology.

Debra BrinkmanRead Full ReviewThe Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

I stumbled upon Science Shepherd Biology. Immediately, I was impressed! I liked that it was written by a physician; that encouraged me! A doctor should know his biology! I liked that the course included human anatomy, something that many books don’t have in the first level. This may be her only biology course she takes, so it needed to have human anatomy. The book is colorful and engaging. There are tons of diagrams, flow charts, and pictures. Everything from cells, genetics, plants, DNA and RNA, the animal kingdoms, human anatomy, ecology, and evolution vs. creationism is included.

HomeschoolingInRichmond.comRead Full Review

What do you do when you’re a homeschooling dad and a medical doctor and you don’t see many good options for parents tackling high school science at home? Why, you write your own, of course! And the result is impressive, especially for a newcomer to the curriculum scene. Author Scott Hardin didn’t just reinvent the wheel here – I think he’s added the equivalent of antigravity boosters with some of the excellent features he’s built in.

JessRainbow ResourceRead Full Review

This is an extremely well-designed biology course and the lab components are sure to win a lot of accolades as more homeschooling parents experience this course.

JessRainbow ResourceRead Full Review